Sansan Virtual Cards

Real Business Cards, Online


Accurate, High-Quality Business Card Data, No Paper Required

Remote work keeps growing.

So do online business opportunities.

But it's harder to make human connections using a webcam.

Use online business cards to connect more personally.

Just like when you're face-to-face.


Stand out from the digital crowd


Make Stronger Connections. Do More Business. Anywhere.


Step 1: Connect

Exchange Virtual Cards when you meet someone



Online business meetings don’t have to be impersonal.


Swap Virtual Cards and warm up your conversation using what you learn – their name, location, job title, and so on.


Step 2: Gain Insight

See the person's company, job, department, full details



One-to-one, you get a richer image of your counterpart. In a meeting, you learn who's who.


Use Virtual Cards to see:

• Who’s the key person?
• Who’s in charge?
• Who’s the decision-maker?


Step 3: Use Your Network

Share your connections using highly accurate data



Online encounters are all business opportunities. Whether for you or a colleague.


Get the highly accurate data only a business card can provide. Then use it to pursue opportunities and make more connections.


Virtual Cards: Fast, Easy, a Touch of Class

Virtual Cards use a URL for

Sansan users to exchange their information.

If your counterpart doesn’t use Sansan,

you can get their information with a QR code.


*Screen layout is still under development.

*Sansan users can exchange head shots


Sansan advances new ways of working, giving you richer, more personal online connections. No matter where you are.


Welcome to a new way of doing business.

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