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Welcome to the hub for Sansan learning resources. Guidebooks, tutorial videos, tips, and best practices. Use Sansan to grow your business opportunities and maximize your relationships.


Administrators Guide


The Admin section is accessible to registered administrators in your Sansan account.


Manage user data, account security setups, permissions, and other key settings.



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Beginners Guide


Start here and you’re on your way to being a power user.


Find the basics to getting set up and using Sansan efficiently in your teams and company.



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Virtual Cards


Like paper business cards without the paper.


Exchange high-quality contact info via QR code or link. Get card info in return, even if the other person is not a Sansan user.



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Mobile App


Install the Mobile App for maximum flexibility using Sansan’s features. Access your Sansan account anywhere and at any time.



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Bulk Email


Send emails to multiple recipients and mailing lists, using high-quality contact data and a range of customizations.



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Best Practices


Hints and tips on how you can fully benefit from Sansan. Create routines for boosting org-wide productivity.



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Keep everyone in the loop about meetings, negotiations, and interactions with clients.



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Connect Sansan with third-party tools for optimal data and a powerful enterprise deck.



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