Manage Sansan Accounts for Users Who Leave the Company

Posted Apr 9, 2021 12:58:27 PM | BY Sansan

Do these sound familiar? 

"I searched for a person on Sansan and tried to contact him/her, but he/she had already resigned.”

"I don't know who else to approach because the existing contacts are already retired employees in the organization tree.”

Not properly managing contacts who are no longer in their previous roles will affect your employees’ productivity. 

Not only that, but not managing changes to retired employees in the database properly will risk users deleting unintended business cards and deleting combined duplicates.

It’s crucial to track your contacts’ career changes on a regular basis, as keeping past job titles in Sansan will help you create a database you can utilize.

How to manage people who’ve left or changed jobs

When you’re notified about your contact’s resignation, the first thing we recommend you do is to set them as resigned. Any user with viewing permissions for this contact can set them as resigned.


1. Go to career page
On the profile page of the target contact, go to "Career".



2. Set as resigned
You can do this from the "..." menu.


This badge is displayed on the top page of the contact and in the organization tree, so you can view at a glance that the person has resigned.

In addition, a notification will be sent to others who have exchanged cards with that contact, helping others to keep up-to-date with career changes too.

Utilize retired employees connections

Business cards exchanged in the past are important company assets.

We recommend that you create in-house rules to update necessary info so that all users can maximise the potential of this asset.