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A 5-Step Guide to Drive Business Opportunities with your Existing Connections



  • Get buy-in from leadership
  • Align strategies & outcomes
  • Select the right solution
  • Breakdown operational silos and collaborate with shared intent
  • Build a culture of internal referrals and reward those who embody it


Survey results reveal business card behavior and usage patterns of global professionals



Survey of Singapore professionals showed:
  • Are business cards still relevant in Singapore?
  • What are people doing with them?
  • Is there still value in keeping these cards?

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Internal Referrals:
How to Find Your Next Deal without Leaving Your Desk



  • Shows you how to maximize new contacts and their potential.
  • Explains why centralizing contact management (via CRM & CMS) creates limitless sales and networking possibilities.
  • Practical guidance for more cooperative and productive workplaces, in person or remote.


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SFA & CRM Aren’t Enough:
How to maximize their performance



Our findings from 400 high-level salespeople show huge opportunities to improve data and sales. See how you can:
  • Speed make your sales force automation (SFA) quicker and easier
  • Enrich and update your customer data for greater insight and personalization
  • Find potentially limitless new leads

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Business Card and Contact Management to Maximize Sales Outcomes



Business cards (offline/virtual) are powerhouse data for sales. Learn:

  • Why business cards are still considered as a priceless company asset
  • Benefits of their collective management
  • How to use this to increase sales and operation efficiency

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Find Prospects, Sell More



Learn more about Sansan, the most advanced contact management system in the market which lets you:

  • Centralise and manage existing contacts in your company
  • Visualise connections and discover hidden opportunities
  • Maximise the potential of your hidden network, and sell more from wherever you are



Restrategise and Sell More Amidst COVID-19

Even with people at a distance, there are many ways to build connections. Our expert panel discovered how to uncover hidden connections and increase dialogue. By webcam or in-person, you can sell more.