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5 Tools to Give to Your Sales Team

Posted 12 May 2017 | BY Sansan

The latest sales software is putting powerful new tools in the hands of sales staff. From a Gmail extension that connects you with 250 million contacts worldwide to smart document tracking that reveals how your prospects engage with your sales presentations, these five tools will give your sales team a competitive edge.

  1. Clearbit Connect

What if you could give your sales reps instant access to 250 million contacts worldwide? With Clearbit Connect, you can. The Gmail extension turns your sales team’s Gmail accounts into a rich prospecting tool. They can simply search for their target company, and Clearbit Connect will reveal a list of key contacts within that organisation.

Your sales staff can then view a person’s job title, location and contact information as well as financial and business details of their company. They can also send an email to them directly from their Gmail account. Clearbit Connect draws on hundreds of data sources and is refreshed monthly to prevent stale data. It’s also free to download.

  1. Attach

Your salespeople have put in the hard work to create a killer presentation, identified the right decision-maker inside a target company, had a strong initial sales call and were asked to email through more information. Then the lead mysteriously goes cold.

Sounds familiar? Attach reveals exactly what happens to your PDFs as well as PowerPoint and Word files after you’ve hit ‘send’. It not only tells you whether the contact has received the document, but also which pages they read, how long they’ve spent reading them and who they’ve shared it with.

  1. Mention

Mention is a powerful social selling tool that will ensure your sales team knows when a potential prospect mentions your brand – or any other keyword that has been set – on any social media platform, blog or other online forum.

Data feeds can be integrated into a CRM so your staff can be notified of selling opportunities in real time or they can choose to review automated activity reports that are sent straight to their inbox.

  1. claims to double the productivity of your salespeople with a click-to-call functionality integrated into Salesforce.

Your sales reps can use to speak to leads or leave pre-recorded voicemails for them. As call data is automatically logged into Salesforce, it eases the data entry burden on your team. Local area phone numbers also appear on your outbound calls, improving pick-up rates.

  1. Sansan

Turn the business cards languishing in your sales team’s top drawers into lucrative lead opportunities with Sansan, a business card management system.

Simply scan your business cards to create an automated lead database that you can share organisation-wide. You can also sort your business cards using tags and send sales emails to select contact groups through the system.

To maximize the performance of your sales team, give them the powerful new tools they need to stay at the top of their game in today’s competitive selling environment.