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Looking for Business Opportunities? It's Time to Look Inwards.

Posted 03 March 2020 | BY Sansan

Digital transformation is a key goal for most modern companies. Pulling together modern technologies and the traditional ways of work, however, is a big challenge. However, successfully doing so can prove to be the key to uncovering opportunities and making deals.

Many Singapore companies are overlooking sales opportunities all around them

A Sansan survey of 400 executives and business managers in Singapore uncovered the gaps in business card management in the digital age. It shows how some progressive professionals are leveraging internal connections for more effective prospecting. Many others, however, are missing out.

Cloud platforms, AI and work productivity solutions are speeding up processes, but are companies integrating them and using them effectively? And are they managing their human relations properly at the same time?

Businesses must build connections and make sales. This process requires both digital and human connections. Be it the first face-to-face meeting with a prospect over the exchange of business cards or internal collaboration among employees, managing these interpersonal connections well can greatly benefit the bottom line. Boosting referrals within the company network drives business success, while automating time-wasting processes like data entry can boost employee productivity.

How to do this is not as hard as it may appear. Download your copy of Sansan’s survey results below, and gain insights on how not to miss a business opportunity.

Click here to download the survey infographic