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5 Ways to Excel in Your New Leadership Role

Posted 03 May 2016 | BY Sansan

So you've just started your own business or taken on a major leadership role in your budding enterprise. Worried that there's a lot to do and you don’t know where to begin? Fret not; here are five ways you can set a great example for your employees and excel in your role as a leader.

  1. Establish trust among your employees

When you demonstrate leadership by being forward-looking and envisioning opportunities for success, it helps to build trust among followers. When employees know that a company has clear goals to work towards, they feel secure in the leadership. Communicating regularly is key to this, as is setting clear, positive standards that employees can follow for success. As the leader, you are responsible for building trust among your employees, not merely expecting it.

  1. Reward hard work

Great talent never lasts at a business that doesn't effectively reward its highest-performing employees. As a great business leader, it is your task to identify and reward those who go the extra mile. Bonuses, performance-driven salary hikes and general verbal recognition are essential to encourage productivity in your employees. When an employee recognises that you appreciate dedication, he will work hard and your company will progress, thus showcasing your success as a leader.

  1. Give honest feedback

Being a leader means doing the things that others may not be willing to do. This includes managing staff who underperform. When this happens, it is necessary to give them feedback. However, your feedback should be positive – it should show the employee how to perform better and set high standards of professionalism for him and all other employees to replicate. Giving feedback early, prefacing it with positive reinforcement and communicating regularly with your employees will cement your position as a good leader without encouraging negativity in your employees.

  1. Develop the tools needed to succeed

One of the hallmarks of a good leader is being able to nip problems in the bud. If you think the tools and technology you use for your business are about to go out of date, upgrade them before your employees begin to grumble about it. By investing in technology and making it easier for your team to work faster and accomplish more, you can keep them happy and increase their efficiency. Technological improvements such as identifying the best CRM tools, a proper contact database management and high-quality hardware can collectively improve employee satisfaction.

  1. Build business relationships early and often

Opportunities to excel are aplenty for any business leader, but this is only possible if you engage regularly with potential clients, partners and employees. As a growing business, you need to establish a brand early and inform others about your business. A leader who can create a solid identity for his company within his industry is undoubtedly a good leader.

Running a successful business involves various factors, including top-notch leadership. A great business leader is one with innovative ideas, smart planning and the ability to solve problems quickly. An effective leader will also give your business the best chance at success.