How You Can Build Influence with Potential Partners

Posted 05 May 2016 | BY Sansan

Strong businesses are built on partnerships. But in order to create strong partnerships, you need to be able to influence them into trusting you. Here are some tips to win their faith.

Share your values

Everyone has something to offer – find out what is unique about your offering and how it translates into a benefit that others can appreciate. By showcasing what you can bring to the table, you are portraying yourself as a valuable contact worthy of building a relationship with.

The important thing here is that you are sharing your value, which is not the same as showing off your skills or achievements. You can do this in many ways – by sharing tips and insights freely on your social media platforms, offering mentorship or even complimentary services.

Get to know your potential partners

Attempting to build a partnership with someone without knowing much about them is like trying to shoot a bullseye in the dark. Be strategic about relationship-building efforts by making it a point to learn more about a potential partner’s business or area of expertise, political affiliations or social work – all aspects of their personality could provide useful insights for you.

People are more likely to bond with you if they like you and feel comfortable in your presence – that’s why getting to know someone and tailoring your interactions based on what you know about them builds trust and increases your influence over them.

Portray confidence

People naturally gravitate towards those who appear confident and seem to know exactly what they are doing. These people inspire and give others the impression that they are worthy partners who could bring value to the relationship.

Avoid complaining about things that don’t go according to plan – instead, demonstrate how you resolve such situations and move forward regardless of obstacles. By adopting a confident, positive approach to business issues, you are going to greatly impress potential partners.

Be patient

Remember that building a strong network takes time. Success doesn’t come overnight when building potential partnerships – so don’t throw in the towel early or look for shortcuts when you don’t see immediate results.

Instead, be patient and committed to developing a strong foundation for each potential connection. You will gain more influence in the long run when you are able to prove that you are trustworthy and stable.

Actively maintain relationships

Remember that relationship-building doesn’t end once you’ve gotten something useful from a partner. Business partnerships are long-lasting and once your influence over your partner is established, you should strive to keep it going to create a win-win situation for both parties.

At the cornerstone of all successful business partnerships is the same core set of behaviours that drives your fruitful personal relationships – take a genuine interest in the other person, be generous and helpful, and make the effort to stay in touch.

Continue to offer support to your connections. Where appropriate, seek their opinions or advice. This shows that you respect and value what they have to offer as well. Each new and sturdy relationship is one step further for your business, so don’t stinge on the effort.