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What Makes a Superstar Salesperson?

Posted 26 January 2017 | BY Sansan

It goes without saying that business owners should strive to employ the best people in every role. When it comes to salespeople, however, you need to spend even more time and effort than usual in order to identify an elite sales performer.

Unlike many regular corporate professions, what separates the superstar salespeople from the average ones is a complex set of abilities and well-honed instincts that aren’t easily coached. Degrees and other certifications are often an adequate indicator that a potential hire can manage tasks in any given role, but when it comes to sales it’s much trickier to separate the great from the good.

Despite the extra initial effort in finding them, hiring a superstar salesperson will almost certainly make your life easier. They are naturally driven to succeed and constantly work hard to stay ahead of the pack. Instead of supervising them as you would regular sales personnel, the best way to manage a superstar is to let them work their magic unhindered.

So where does one begin when looking to hire a superstar? Here are five traits to pick them out from a crowd of sales representatives.

  1. Empathy

Truly outstanding salespeople have the ability to understand the customer, and they develop the relevant skills in order to do so. They are good listeners who ask the right questions and can quickly identify the root of the buyer’s specific problems, address their concerns and complaints, and earn their trust. A superstar doesn’t simply make a sale – they aim to cultivate a relationship that will reap continual rewards.

  1. Adaptability

The best salespeople can speak multiple languages – not Swahili or Japanese or Italian, but the different vernaculars and styles of potential clients. They can easily translate complicated concepts from a product engineer into simple layman’s terms, negotiate with small business owners, or confidently address top-level management in a multinational corporation. A superstar is able to navigate delicate cultural differences within and between organizations and still close the deal.

  1. Creativity

A large sale is rarely made with the customer simply ordering a ready-made product. Instead, they usually involve challenges such as a requirement for only two of the total number of solutions your product offers, or an additional service such as employee training. A superstar should be creative enough to design a solution that’s tailored to their client’s needs while bringing profit to their own company.

  1. Thirst for knowledge

A superstar salesperson never stops learning. Today’s fast-paced world sees new technologies, products, and startups entering and leaving the market in a flash. A superstar is able to keep up with the latest industry developments – no matter how technical. They also understand what the competitors are offering, and can harness fresh solutions and techniques to improve their own sales skills.

  1. Time management

We all have 24 hours in a day, but the best salespeople make the most out of each one. They are able to prioritize the customers who can generate the best value for their time, find the most efficient route to take from one place to another, multitask during their commute and automate tedious exercises. Instead of sitting around when something doesn’t go according to plan, a superstar finds a way to move forward.

Having a superstar salesperson on your team can see your company reap exceptional profits and develop strong relationships with customers, with minimal supervision from management. It may require more effort to identify and attract them, but your business will ultimately benefit from it. Remember these traits and find your own superstar!