It’s All in the Type: Five Classy Fonts to Use on a Business Card

Posted 26 January 2017 | BY Sansan

The business card is an important tool for furthering business relations. The design of a business card and the information on it have a huge impact on its effectiveness. As important as the design and information on a business card is, there’s another crucial element that often gets overlooked – the humble font.

The font type used on a business card may seem inconspicuous, but it is one of the factors that makes a design eye-catching while maximizing the impact of your content.

Here are five font types that are classy, clean and easy to read:

For Readability: Helvetica

A commonly-used font, there’s nothing like Helvetica for absolute clarity. If you want to change it up a little, try using one of the variants from the family, such as the Helvetica Neue, and jazz it up further by going with the italic style.

For Flair: Myriad Pro

Another highly-readable font, Myriad Pro satisfies the vanity of a flourish seeker. The rounded curves of the lowercase letters provide a stylish feel while the uppercase ones appear neat and professional. It’s the perfect fit for those who want to be taken seriously, yet wish to make a personal statement with their business card.

For Formality: Glasgow

This has nothing to do with the Scottish city, but is a thick, easy to read font. Much like Times New Roman, it offers formality, but with an updated finish. When used in bold, the thickness of the font stands out, making it clearly visible. If you want your name or company’s name to be visible (even from a distance), this is the font to go with.

For Playfulness: Karat

If you’re one of those who start yawning at the mere mention of serious fonts, this one’s for you! Karat offers formality, with a slightly cartoonish twist. The curved lines of the letters make them appear fluid, giving the words an illusion of movement. So if your business is all about speed, this font would work well for you.

For Approachability: Georgia

Some fonts allow you to showcase that you mean business, but without yelling it from the rooftops. Georgia is one such font. Its friendliness lets you convey in the most casual manner that you are capable of the job – great for the humble CEO who doesn’t like to brag about his achievements.

Fonts represent your character and personality, and these flow over into your business card. So remember to pick the font that truly showcases who you are.