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Write for Us – Sansan Resources Blog


  • Do you have experienced-based insight?
  • Do you use tech and connections to work and live better?
  • Are you a savvy networker, connector, or team manager?
  • Do you want to give your company and its ideas some exposure?

The Sansan Resources blog is about technology, human connections, and evolving how we work in the 2020s.


Our user audience comprises thousands of businesspeople, including many high-level decision makers. We’ll continue to provide content that shows the power of business connections and the benefits of CRM and related technology to boost results. And to live a better life.


We welcome ideas for articles on themes that Sansan represents.


If your article is accepted, it will get a byline and we’ll include a link to your social accounts and/or personal business. Sansan Resources benefits from its linkage with its parent company, Sansan, Inc., a leading software SaaS provider in Japan expanding globally.



  • Read the articles on the Sansan Resources blog to see what sorts of topics we cover.
  • Check the Sansan page to better understand the product and our vision.
  • Present at least 1 specific idea for an article that will be 500–2,000 words long.
  • Tell us who you work with. We do not accept submissions from freelance writers unless they have an established web presence (provide a URL). 
  • Wait patiently for a reply.

  • Must be 100% original and not published elsewhere. We’ll verify this.
  • Can't be self-promotional; their main purpose is to educate and entertain. Of course, you can link to relevant sources and products.
  • Can include a profile of the writer with a headshot and a link to their company or service.
  • Must provide URLs to back and statistics.
  • Not be from a competing company or in any way endorsing a competitor’s product.
  • Be written in US English that requires little or no editing for grammar. We'll revise as necessary for readability.

We look forward to your pitches. If you use a generic copy-paste style and clearly didn't read the above, don't expect a reply.